VeriCred Business

With experience in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry stretching back to 1990, it comes as no surprise that VeriCred Collections is the go-to partner of choice to some of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana’s largest and most successful companies.

Management Solutions

All of our management & support departments are centrally-based in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

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Early Stage Collections

We offer industry-tailored solutions to Early-Stage debt recovery. (0-90 days in arrears.)

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Technology & Data

Unrivalled innovation as well as data analytics solutions. Actionable insight to us & our clients.

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Legal Services

Where the VeriCred Collections process is not successful, legal action may be instituted at a special rate.

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Late Stage Collections

We reform our collections strategy to a more deliberate approach after 90 days or more in arrears.

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Specialised Stages

We offer an additional assortment of services that cater to key areas within the debt recovery life cycle.

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From massive, listed companies right down to smaller local enterprises, such as doctors and lawyers, we at VeriCred Collections have become accustomed to providing outstanding debt collection solutions that can incorporate the entire credit lifecycle from pre charge-off to post-write off, and is tailored to directly fit our clients industries and preferences. Our range of convenient payment options also ensures that we cater directly to the needs of our clients consumers, making it easier for them to rehabilitate their debt situations.

Operating across the Retail, Medical, Telecoms, Education, Banking and Public spheres, we’ve been able to hone in on what works and what doesn’t since 1990, giving our clients peace-of-mind that the strategies, policies and procedures that we put in place are the right ones to help them recover the most out of their Debtors book and enhance their bottom-line, all whilst protecting the integrity of their brand. It’s the reason why we’ve been the leading debt collector on the panels of some of South Africa’s biggest and best companies for over 20 years.

With 12 strategically-dispersed call centres throughout South Africa, and international coverage in Namibia and Botswana, we’ve ensured that the customers of our clients are communicated to in their own languages, which has proven to aid collections. In fact, we’ve got the most comprehensive call centre coverage throughout South Africa. This strategic geographical coverage, coupled with a practical, comprehensive and high-intensity training methodology ensures that our Debt Collectors are extremely well-equipped to deal with the challenges of modern debt collection. To find out more about our comprehensive call centre network, and how it differentiates us from our competition to add more value to your bottom line, click here…

At the core of VeriCred Collections service offering is the use of VeriNet, our world-class, Debt Collection Software. With VeriNet we can track every hand-over, every payment, and every interaction with our client’s debtors with ease. Tremendous volumes of information and transactional data are executed at lightning speeds to process bulk handovers as well as enabling efficient collections on defaulting accounts by our trained collection professionals. Innovative logic and technology built into our software facilitates powerful business rules, and along with our world-class dialer and our unique workload management system, further enhances this industry-leading recovery software platform to provide unrivalled collections. VeriNet also encompasses a range of other elements, built in to aid and augment our unique collections approach.

Call Centres

We have the most extensive debt collection call centre network in South Africa, and additional call centres in Botswana and Namibia.