BBBEE Strategy

We strive to update and maintain our staffing and HR policies regularly. VeriCred Collections is an equal-opportunity employer, and we employ talent that is representative of the country’s population and gender.

We promote previously disadvantaged individuals to manage future projects at the company, under the tutelage of an experienced regional manager. In this way, we continuously strive to cultivate highly competent management staff through genuine skills transfer and thereby promote talent growth rather than rely on token appointments.

It is our belief that skillful and innovative staff result in a truly successful company. It is for this reason that VeriCred Collections stresses the promotion of our existing staff to a managerial level, as these result in a far greater level of skills transfer and boosts the value and esteem of our most powerful asset, our people.

We strongly believe in Enterprise Development. We have committed ourselves to promote our products amongst Black Debt Collecting Entrepreneurs, helping them to build sustainable enterprises and create meaningful employment which strengthens the countries we operate in.

Social Development is a cause which we at VeriCred Collections believe strongly in, and as such we strive to identify certain deserving individuals and institutions that will prosper from our investment in them, and will in turn allow others to prosper as well.

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VeriCred Collections is an equal-opportunity employer