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At VeriCred Collections, we are cognisant of the fact that everybody is different, and therefore people needed to be treated as individuals with their own sets of unique cultural norms and backgrounds. This individualistic treatment forms our ethos with regards to both the customers of our clients, as well as our own talented personnel.

One of VeriCred Collections’ key differentiators is that we have the most extensive debt collection call centre network in South Africa, with twelve strategically dispersed call centres. Additional VeriCred call centres are located in Botswana and Namibia. This comprehensive national and international coverage ensures that we are capable of engaging with consumers at a significantly localised level. Through our coverage, we have agents that can speak each of South Africa’s eleven official languages, and this enables them to directly communicate with consumers in their home language, putting consumers at ease and making them feel more comfortable with our agents. Our decentralized call centre network has yielded highly positive results, and forms a key element of our service offering to our clients.

All our call centre agents go through an intensive recruitment and selection process that incorporates negotiation, computer skills, competency testing, and a personality review to ensure that we onboard the very best talent into our call centres.

VeriCred Collections has also partnered with MSB Management Consulting to offer exclusive training and coaching services to our collections professionals. All of our call centre agents undergo rigorous negotiations training, in order to facilitate skills development that allows them to collect debt with confidence and conviction. They are continuously monitored through our Quality Assurance process, linked directly to our VeriNet Dialer software, which allows for effective assessment on recorded conversations with our debtors, performed according to strict call quality criteria. This allows us to better understand the individual strengths and weaknesses of our debt collection consultants, and thereafter allows for successful coaching to augment with their individual competencies. We also have a rewards and incentives system that breeds excellence by instilling pride in one’s work.

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Looking For A Job?

We are constantly hiring new staff to work within our Call Centre.