Members of ADRA

The Association of Debt Recovery Agents (SA)
VeriCred Collections is a member of ADRA, a voluntary association for debt collectors who are committed to uplifting and improving the perception of debt collectors in the marketplace. They focus on increased professionalism of their members. They assist the members in training and other areas, where elevation and excellence can be aspired to.

Members of ACA International

The ACA International (USA)
ACA International is an Association of Credit and Collection Professionals situated in the United States of America. VeriCred Collections is an International member of this organization and we have a long term vision of establishing ourselves in the USA, and elsewhere abroad, as part of our expansion strategy. The association represents more than 230,000 industry employees, which includes third-party collection agencies, law firms, asset buying companies and creditors and vendor affiliates.

Members of CFDC

The Council for Debt Collectors (SA)
VeriCred Collections is a member of The Council for Debt Collectors. The Council for Debt Collectors was established in 2003 after the promulgation of The Debt Collectors Act, 114 of 1998. This Act also amended the Magistrates' Courts Act, 32 of 1944 to legalize the recovery of fees or remuneration by registered debt collectors. The Council for Debt Collectors has adopted a code of conduct to which all debt collectors must abide and it is thus illegal to collect debt on behalf of another without being registered with the Council.
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