Company Overview

VeriCred Collections (Established in 1990)

Since VeriCred Collections establishment it has expanded significantly with operations thriving in 3 Sub-Saharan African countries, while enjoying extensive growth in the quality and variation of services offered to our clients.

With over 1200 employees in place across twelve branches in strategically situated call centres operating in South Africa, and two affiliated in Namibia and Botswana, VeriCred Collections has firmly positioned itself as the debt recovery expert in the African collections environment. This strategic coverage, coupled with a diverse and experienced management team as well as some of the most sophisticated technology in the industry globally, has made VeriCred Collections the Accounts Receivable Management (A.R.M.) partner of choice.

To be the leading debt collection company in the market place and to collect debts in a manner that will leave the debtor’s dignity intact, while supplying clients with an exceptional standard of service, which adds benefit to their business.

VeriCred Collection’s vision for the future is to stay on the edge of technology and to continuously develop new and innovative ways of improving our service to our clients by perfecting the collection process and assisting them in their credit control efforts while creating job satisfaction and career path opportunities for our employees.

VeriCred Collections utilizes a sophisticated debt recovery software platform that has been specifically designed for quick and successful collection of arrear amounts by our over 1200 trained collection professionals. Tremendous volumes of information and transactional data are executed at lightning speeds to process bulk handovers as well as enabling efficient collections on defaulting accounts. Innovative logic and technology built into our software facilitates powerful business rules, and along with our world-class dialer and our unique workload management system, further enhances this industry-leading recovery software platform to provide unrivalled collections.

Over the years since 1990, VeriCred Collections has established a truly remarkable track record with major corporate clients from virtually every spectrum of the marketplace incorporating retail, medical, financial and public spheres, both at a provincial and municipal level. As a client-orientated business, VeriCred strives to consistently comply with the specific needs of our different clients. Whether you’re operating as a large listed entity or as a smaller enterprise with a less comprehensive debtor’s book, we at VeriCred Collections can offer tailored solutions that meet your needs, and exceed your expectations.

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