Early Stage Collections

VeriCred Collections offers industry-tailored solutions to Early-Stage debt recovery. This encompasses all debts that are 0-90 days in arrears. We adopt a specific collection stratagem that places emphasis on educating the consumer, and relies on soft-handed approach to rehabilitate our debtors.

During this collections phase, we also attempt to establish contact if we are unable to get in touch with any of the consumers using the details supplied by our clients. By using our innovative tracing methodology and close-party data mining procedures we are able to obtain fresh contact information on our clients’ consumers and then use this to establish successful contact which allows us to initiate recovery negotiations.

VeriCred offers a wide range of convenient methods which your customers can use to pay your accounts that are in arrears with us. Many of these are also supported via our Consumer Portal to make self-management of arrear accounts as quick and convenient as possible.

Payment methods include:

Debit Order

EFT Payments

Direct Deposit

Debit Order, via our Consumer Portal.

Payment at any of our conveniently located branches

Payment can be made at the Client. (Proof of Payment Required)

Payment can be made at any participating Pay@ vendors

Call Centres

We have the most extensive debt collection call centre network in South Africa, and additional call centres in Botswana and Namibia.