Key Benefits

VeriCred Collections strives for nothing less than excellence in the Debt Collection sphere. By fully developing the potential of our biggest asset, our people, along with providing a comprehensive network of support services, we aim to provide all of our clients with unparalleled results that go beyond their expectations.

  • As a client, you’ll only pay for what we collect, limiting risk considerably. There are absolutely no upfront costs. We collect on a commission basis, negotiable depending on the client and the volume of accounts that are handed over.
  • A unique, world-class workload manager system with sophisticated built in business rules, which enable our collections professionals to follow-up and collect on all manner of account types easily and efficiently.
  • Servicing by fourteen call centres dispersed throughout South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. We have the BEST call centre coverage in the Debt Recovery Industry in South Africa which allows our agents to cover all 11 national languages.
  • In operation since 1990 and in excess of 100 years of combined industry-specific executive management experience.
  • We embrace total transparency of results and performance, and allow for anytime access to online reporting via our websites Client Portal.
  • Short-term liquidity improves immediately after signing with VeriCred. Consumers are still able to pay off debts at our clients after being handed over, as well as by making use of diverse VeriCred’s payment methods.
  • Allows for your staff to be more effectively used, as they will no longer have to deal with the stressful administrative burden of debt collection.
  • Cuts down on administrative hassles, since handovers can be processed automatically with speed and simplicity, and bulk reconciliation of accounts is made simple with our software platform.
  • Specialised call centres cover current collections, stagnant debt, as well as pre-legal contact. This provides a truly comprehensive coverage of consumer debt recovery solutions.
  • Our technological capacity allows for bulk communication campaigns, which enables us to send thousands of messages to specifically targeted consumers with the click of a button. This gives us the ability to activate a tremendous number of accounts with great ease.
  • Access to world-class debt recovery software that is utilised during the collections process, maximizing our efficiency to collect on debts.
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