Specialised Stages

In addition to our specialised post charge-off services, VeriCred Collections offers an additional assortment of services that cater to key identified areas within the debt recovery lifecycle. This is backed-up with large-scale data analytics and by integrating industrial psychology and behavioural science principles to ensure that our collections process is tailored specifically to each industry, at each and every stage of the recovery lifecycle. This enables us to respond to all areas within the sphere of consumer debt recovery.

Pre-Charge-off (Current Collections)

We offer pre-recovery on all current collections, by facilitating powerful payment reminder services, and providing a variety of additional pay points to ensure that less accounts go into arrears, and therefore promoting consistent payment patterns.


In order to ensure better recovery on delinquent debts, VeriCred Collections also offers a special pre-legal call centre where our specially-trained debt consultants handle difficult recovery negotiations in an attempt to rehabilitate consumers before they are handed over to our panel of attorneys for legal action. This fits in after our Late Stage collections processes.

Stagnant Debt

VeriCred Collections also offers collection solutions for extremely stagnant debts with our specialised last-placement collection strategy. Using our dedicated call centre with its specifically trained agents, as well as our sophisticated data washing capabilities, we are able to track down consumers with the aim of resetting prescription by activating older accounts, and then facilitating rehabilitation of debtors into regular account payers.

Consumer / Client Relations

Our dedicated client relations department handles all aspects of client and consumer affairs, and specifically handles account queries and complaints with the aim of improving positive consumer association with our clients brands. All disputes are dealt with efficiently and discreetly, ensuring a healthier relationship between the consumer and the client that will not jeopardise client/consumer interaction in the future.

Call Centres

We have the most extensive debt collection call centre network in South Africa, and additional call centres in Botswana and Namibia.