The Children’s Flight

The Children’s Flight

The Children’s Flight is a “Spirit of Ubuntu” initiative found by Felix Gosher in 2016. His idea was to give less fortunate and disabled children, a chance to fly for the first time in their lives. Pilots, helpers and sponsors come from all over South Africa to make this day a great success. This special day is being held on the 1st of September, since 2016, at the Grand Central Airport in Midrand. The children get the opportunity to fly for the first time in anything from a small Cessna 178, to a retired Air Force Douglas DC-3 or helicopters from all shapes and sizes! During this day, we do our best to inspire these kids, to become anything they want to be when they grow up. As for the disabled kids; they teach us, that we have so much to be thankful for!

As their busses arrive from 07:00, they receive a healthy breakfast and there’s a lot of entertainment for them in the NAC Hangar, while they wait for their flights. At 12:00 a healthy lunch is being served and 14:30 some of South Africa’s greatest aerobatic pilots give them a jaw-dropping display, which they always will remember. When it’s time to go home, the kids each receive an aviation themed cupcake. In 2018, we had a 1000 kids to cater for, thus am I very grateful for VeriCred’s contribution to this year’s Children’s Flight!


Marriane Eksteen

VeriCred Helpdesk Assistant & Children’s Flight Baker